Products & Solutions

Flash & RAM SSD Storage

Flash & RAM SSD Storage

Flash and RAM based storage systems provide you with the best bathing breadth and scalable performance.

Scale-Out Storage

Scale-Out Storage

Highly scalable storage solutions, expand your existing storage infrastructure and let the software manage everything.

Server Hardware (HPC)

Server Hardware (HPC)

Server- and blade systems for your data centers. We take over both the pre-installation and the configuration for you.



High-performance switches in 1U or modular up to 200Gb/s link speeds and up to 324 ports.

Adapter Karten

Adapter Cards

InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter cards with ConnectX and VPI technology and speeds up to 200Gb / s.

Kabel, Transceiver und Module

Cables, Transceiver & Modules

LAN connection cable (fiber or copper) in different lengths and speeds. Matching transceivers and connection modules.

InfiniBand / Ethernet

Storage Solutions

Storage Area Network (SAN)

We offer you a sophisticated storage and SAN design, which is exactly adapted to the needs of your company. We rely on the technology of well-known manufacturers such as NetApp, Infortrend, SanDisk, and RamSan.

Clustered Storage Systems

Clustered storage systems are used wherever data throughput has absolute priority. For example in data-intensive research projects such as climate- and molecular-research. Also in production and post production of multimedia and high definition HDTV video material. The customer base of this technology includes, among others, the US Space Agency N.A.S.A, major TV broadcasters such as NBC, post-production companies, the oil industry and many more.

Server Hardware (HPC)

We have years of experience in the server sector. We specialize in the use of UNIX (Solaris, Linux, BSD) but also for other purposes we offer exactly the right solution you need. We use among other, hardware from the following manufactures: IBM, DELL, SUPERMICRO, Quanta QCT


Virtualization allows you to merge and run applications onto fewer physical servers, which drives up your server utilization rates and cuts down on your workload and operational costs. At the same time it enables quick deployment and provisioning, provides better workload balancing, and increase flexibility and availability by giving you the ability to dynamically move VMs from one server to another. The benefits of virtualization can be enhanced by running the VMs on a (managed) cloud service.

  • Planning + Integration
    Together we plan the solution for your challenges together with you.
  • Server Hardware
    SuperMicro,Infinidat, DELL and other VMWare certified manufacturers.
  • Certified Storage Systems
    Centralized storage systems simplify administration.
  • Power
    Load Balancing shifts the servers to more powerful hardware when needed.
  • High Availability
    Redundant server + infrastructure, disaster recovery in seconds.
  • High Speed Connection
    200G Ethernet, 400Gb InfiniBand or 8Gb Fiber Channel SAN.