About Us

The people behind the company

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality advice in all project phases - from the analysis, through the conception to implementation and support. Our young and dedicated team of specialists provide trained and certified expertise and guarantees competence, innovation and creativity and excellent quality in all areas. More than 18 years of successful cooperation with our customers have built up a wealth of experience that will benefit you.

For you to see with whom you are dealing with, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Sebastian Schmitzdorff
CEO & Founder

He is THE IT-Crack! Competent, experienced, versatile and he is home in every area of the digital world. That's why he's also our chief, our supervisor and boss. But you do not notice much of it. Why? First of all, because he uses phrases like „please“ and „thank you“. But also because he has a (for bosses rather uncommon) extremely pronounced social streak. One might really like him - if he wouldn't let us look so old at kicker.

Enisa Kick
Management Assistant

To say that she is “only” the right and left hand of the management would be an absolutely unworthy description of her day-to-day performance. She is the eight-armed octopus, she is the high-performance centrifuge, she is the yellow Post-It, she is the 1000-page FiloFax, she is the blinking calendar entry and the pointing finger of our esteemed boss. And if that alone weren't enough, she drives illegal street races in her free time, is on the YoYo national team and sews overalls for the Minions.

Andreas Schmidt
Sales Assistant

„The early bird catches the worm“ is not only the motto of our notorious early riser Andreas, but also his directive. He is our 'original' from the Schwobaländle, always organized, always structured and reliable. He used to sell alien technology to the government, but that wasn't exciting enough for him. He not only does have an eye on the budget, no, he can dispatch goods, make phone calls, take part in an online training course and also prepare a fugo dish for everyone at the same time, which even leaves Gordon Ramsay speechless. Yes, our 'Spaetzle' Schwoab is super busy and he wants to encourage us to be diligent. In his spare time he plays air guitar and rocks with the Santanas! Of course in Spanish.

Niklas Paul
Senior Systems Engineer

You know the saying “apprenticeship years are not master years”? Someone certainly doesn't know this saying. Our senior senior systems engineer Niklas. Why? Because in every year of his apprenticeship he was always in control of the situation! Always tech-savvy, inquisitive, helpful and, on top of that, capable of criticism - this is how every company wants its trainees. Of course we had to secure THIS Niklas after graduation. Otherwise NASA or the M.I.T. would snatched him away! Incidentally, he is primarily responsible for everything that has to do with technology.

Johannes Knöbel
Marketing & Logistics Manager

Before Hamburgnet he was at MI6. However, we do not know exactly what he did there. Some secret things probably and by the way trained James Bond personally. Whenever we ask him about it, he says, „I can not talk about it, otherwise I have to eliminate you“. Currently, Johannes looks after all marketing matters at Hamburgnet - without a tuxedo and martini, but with a great commitment. And everyone who is nice to him, may call him 'Jonny'.

Daniel Schäfer
Media Informatics Specialist

If Daniel were a Pilot, he would fly jets. Only the fastest. And only the really colorful. But Daniel is not. Daniel is our graphic ace. And he's the Usain Bolt among the programmers. His motto: Won't work, doesn't exist. His maxim: In serenity lies the speed. All the more surprising is that he always remains factual and constructive. In short, Daniel is the world's fastest resting pole and we love Him for that.

Susanne Schmitzdorff

Our Susanne is responsible for EVERYTHING that has to do with “finance” and “numbers”. Funnily enough, it was only with us that she found the possibility of normal employment. Because before her time at Hamburgnet, Susanne was a professional gambler in casinos around the world. Whether Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Dubai or Ratzeburg – Susanne was there. Since the jet set, the adrenaline rush at the gaming tables, the hunt for Mo'Money and life in high-class hotels bore even the best gamer in the long run, she simply needed a new kick. She then found it in our invoice processing department. She also regularly beats Timo Boll at table tennis, develops board games and uses her green thumb to make beautiful gardens even more beautiful.

Fabian Pralle
Systems Engineer

Fabian, who is actually only called “Fabi-Famous”, was once a member of the FANTASTIC FOUR. Of course they were still called FANTASTIC FIVE. But since you can't make a living from saving the world, he decided to learn „IT system integration“ with us. According to unconfirmed reports, he has a golden key card to AREA-51 and there unrestricted access to all departments. Incidentally, our Hamburgnet technology benefits from this every now and then. Swoooosh!

Finn Wiese-Dohse
Trainee Merchant IT System Management

We got Finn, our new STAR trainee, from the XMEN boot camp because he was simply too bored there. With his various superhero skills, he fits in much better with Hamburgnet than anywhere else. The nordish guy has, in addition to a sailing, surfing and exchanger license, probably also a Navy SEAL training, which we shouldn't actually know anything about. He doesn't often talk about his time as an „alleged“ exchange student in the US state of Texas, only that he owned a van there and liked to „cook“ for others.

Arta Kllokoqi
Trainee IT Specialist - System Integration

If our Arta had been on board the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, the crew would have just radioed „Houston, we have NO problem“ to ground control. Because: where Arta is, there is no problem. Certainly not technical! Active-Arta is our IT specialist for system integration trainees. And why?! Because she can! And because she decided against a professional contract with Arsenal FC - according to the motto, rather click than kick. bam! On top of that, she edits videos for Ridley Scott in her MeTime and learns Korean while playing FIFA while doing a handstand. Hurray Arta!