Arista Networks

Arista Ethernet Switches

Arista Ethernet switches are the perfect network solution for your most demanding workloads.With native support for VMware Virtualization and hundreds of Linux applications integrated into hardware platforms designed to meet the stringent power and cooling requirements of today’s most demanding datacenters, Arista delivers the most efficient and best performing 10Gb Ethernet platforms.

Arista 7500 Series

The Arista 7500E Series modular systems are high performance data center switches, available in a compact 7RU (4-slot) or 11RU (8-slot) they combine scalable L2 and L3 forwarding and traffic management with advanced features for network monitoring, precision timing, and network virtualization to deliver deterministic network performance for mission critical data centers, cloud computing, enterprise and HPC environments.

7500 Series
Arista 7516RArista 7512RArista 7508RArista 7504RArista 7508EArista 7504E
Model Name7516R7512R7508R7504R7508E7504E
DescriptionDelivers highest capacity, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching systemDelivers the highest density, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching system.Delivers high density, low power non-blocking Ethernet switching system.Seven rack units of awesomeness, optimum form-factor for many mid-size deployments.Delivers high density, low power, non-blocking Ethernet switching system for 10/40/100GbE.Optimum form-factor system for many mid-size deployments with broad support for 10/40/100GbE.
Switching Capacity150Tbps115Tbps75Tbps38Tbps30Tbps15Tbps
Linecard Capacity9.6 Tbps9.6 Tbps9.6 Tbps9.6 Tbps3.84 Tbps3.84 Tbps
10GbE Interfaces2,3041,7281,1525761152576
25GbE Interfaces2,3041,7281,152576--
40GbE Interfaces576432288144288144
50GbE Interfaces1,152864576288--
100GbE Interfaces5764322881449648
Forwarding Rate69 Bpps51 Bpps34.5 Bpps17.3 Bpps14.4 Bpps7.2 Bpps
Total Buffer384GB288GB192GB96GB144GB72GB
Rack Units2918137117

Arista 7300 Series

The Arista 7300X Series modular switches provide industry leading 10/40GbE density and performance. Available as a choice of 16 slot, 8 slot and 4 slot systems they combine wirespeed forwarding with comprehensive L2 and L3 features. The 7300X Series supports a choice of high density wirespeed layer 2/3/4 performance linecards that offer a flexible combination of 1/10/40GbE switching to design large leaf and spine networks for scale-out of east-west traffic patterns with low latency and power efficiency.

7300 SeriesArista 7316Arista 7308Arista 7304Arista 7328XArista 7324X
Model Name7316730873047328X7324X
DescriptionHalf rack of switching that delivers the highest 40GbE capacity in the industryAn 8 slot system with airflow for server or network rows replacing Catalyst 6509Compact high density and resilient system with flexible interface choices for leaf / spine and collapsed splineAn 8 slot system with scalable density and performance for server or network rows replacing Nexus 7K or 9KCompact high density and resilient 100GbE system with flexible interface speeds for both spine and collapsed spline
Switching Capacity40Tbps20Tbps10Tbps50Tbps25Tbps
10G Ports204810245121024512
25G Ports---1024512
40G Ports512256128256128
50G Ports---512256
100G Ports---256128
Forwarding Rate30 Bpps15 Bpps7.5 Bpps38 Bpps19 Bpps
Total Buffer384MB192MB96MB256MB128MB
Rack Units21138138

Arista 7280 Series

The Arista 7280R series is a set of purpose built 10/25/40/50/100GbE fixed configuration 1RU and 2RU systems designed for the highest performance environments such as IP Storage, Content Delivery Networks, Data Center Interconnect and IP Peering. Wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding are combined with advanced features for network virtualization, open monitoring and network analysis, resiliency and architectural flexibility with deterministic performance. Deep packet buffers and large routing tables allow for Internet peering applications and the broad range of interfaces and density choice provides deployment flexibility.

7280 SeriesArista 7280CR-48Arista 7280QR-C72Arista 7280QR-C36Arista 7280SR-48C6Arista 7280TR-48C6Arista 7280QRA-C36S
Model Name7280CR-487280QR-C727280QR-C367280SR-48C67280TR-48C67280QRA-C36S
Description48-Port QSFP100 and 8-Port QSFP+72-Port QSFP (56x40G and 16x100G)36-Port QSFP (24x40G and 12-Port 100G)48-Port SFP+ and 6-Port QSFP10048-Port RJ45 and 6-Port QSFP10036-Port QSFP (18x40G and 12-Port 100G)
Max 100GbE Ports4816126612
Max 50GbE Ports963224121224
Max 40GbE Ports5672366636
Max 25GbE Ports1926448242448
Max 10GbE Ports2241601447272120
L2/3 Throughput10.24 Tbps6.4 Tbps4.32 Tbps2.16 Tbps2.16 Tbps3.84 Tbps
L2/3 PPS5.76 Bpps2.88 Bpps1.44 Bpps720 Mpps720 Mpps1.44 Bpps
Typical Power Draw1363W725W324W263W290W419W
Total System Buffer32GB16GB8GB4GB4GB8GB
Rack Units221111
Smart System UpgradeYesYesYesYesYesYes
VM TracersYesYesYesYesYesYes
Accelerated sFlowNoNoNoNoNoNo
AirflowF/RF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/F
7280 SeriesArista 7280SRA-48C6Arista 7280TRA-48C6Arista 7280SRAM-48C6Arista 7280SE-64Arista 7280SE-68Arista 7280SE-72
Model Name7280SRA-48C67280TRA-48C67280SRAM-48C67280SE-647280SE-687280SE-72
Description48-Port SFP+ and 6-Port QSFP10048-Port RJ45 and 6-Port QSFP10048-Port SFP+ and 6-Port QSFP1007280SE 48-Port SFP+ and 4 QSFP+7280SE 48-Port SFP+ and 2 QSFP1007280SE 48-Port SFP+ and 2 MXP
Max 100GbE Ports666-2-
Max 50GbE Ports1212----
Max 40GbE Ports666---
Max 25GbE Ports2424----
Max 10GbE Ports727248645672
L2/3 Throughput2.16 Tbps2.16 Tbps2.16 Tbps1.28 Tbps1.36 Tbps1.44 Tbps
L2/3 PPS720 Mpps720 Mpps720 Mpps900 Mpps900 Mpps900 Mpps
Typical Power Draw313W290W382W263WTBD - approx 260W262W
Total System Buffer4GB4GB4GB9GB9GB9GB
Rack Units111111
Smart System UpgradeYesYesYesN.a.N.a.N.a.
VM TracersYesYesYesYesYesYes
Accelerated sFlowNoNoYesN.a.N.a.N.a.
AirflowF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/F

Arista 7250X & 7150 Series

The Arista 7250QX switches deliver wirespeed 40GbE performance, offering the highest density 2RU 10/40GbE switch in the world. The Arista 7150 Series is the leading ultra low latency 1RU platform providing a unique combination of performance, advanced features and a balanced set of resources for low latency financial markets, HPC clusters and virtualized data centers.

7250X/7150 SeriesArista 7250QX-64Arista 7150S-24Arista 7150S-52Arista 7150S-64
Model Name7250QX-647150S-247150S-527150S-64
Description7250QX Switch 64-Port QSFP+7150 Switch 24-Port SFP+7150 Switch 52-Port SFP+7150 Switch 48-Port SFP+ 4 QSFP+
Total Ports64245264
Max 40GbE Ports64 (QSFP+)41316
Max 10GbE Ports256 (with splitter cables and optics)245264
L2/3 Throughput5.12 Tbps480 Gbps1.04 Tbps1.28 Tbps
L2/3 PPS3.84 Bpps360 Mpps780 Mpps960 Mpps
Latencybelow 2us350ns380ns380ns
Typical Power Draw622W191W191W224W
Rack Units2111
VM TracersYesYesYesYes
AirflowF/R & R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/F

Arista 7160 Series

The Arista 7160 series are purpose-built 10/25GbE and 100GbE data center switches in compact and energy efficient form factors with wirespeed layer 2 and layer 3 features. They combine scalable L2 and L3 resources with an adaptable forwarding engine and a highly programmable and customizable switch architecture that supports multiple overlay technologies and advanced encapsulations.

7160 SeriesArista 7160-32CQArista 7160-48YC6Arista 7160-48TC6
Model Name7160-32CQ7160-48YC67160-48TC6
Description32 x 100G QSFP & 4 x 10G SFP48 x 25G SFP & 6 x 100G QSFP48 x 10GBASE-T & 6 x 100G QSFP
SFP+ Ports448-
Max 100GbE Ports3266
Max 40GbE Ports3266
Max 25GbE Ports1287224
Max 10GbE Ports1287272
L2/3 Throughput6.4 Tbps3.6 Tbps2.16 Tbps
L2/3 PPS2.4 Tpps2.4 Tpps2.4 Tpps
Latencyfrom 2usfrom 2usfrom 3us
Typical Power Draw310W168W408W
AC & DCYesYesYes
Rack Units111
Smart System UpgradeYesYesYes
VM TracersYesYesYes
Hitless Speed ChangesYesYesYes
AirflowF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/F

Arista 7260X & 7060 Series

The Arista 7060X and 7260X Series switches are the industry's first fixed configuration switches with high density 100GbE with support for both 10GbE and 25GbE in compact 1RU and 2RU designs. They combine scalable L2 and L3 forwarding and traffic management with advanced features for non-stop operations, network monitoring and network virtualization to deliver the required levels of network performance for cloud data centers, enterprise networks and HPC environments.

7260X / 7060 SeriesArista 7060CX2-32SArista 7060SX2-48YC6Arista 7060CX-32SArista 7260QX-64Arista 7260CX-64Arista 7260CX3-64
Model Name7060CX2-32S7060SX2-48YC67060CX-32S7260QX-647260CX-647260CX3-64
Description32-Port 100G QSFP and 2 SFP+48-Port 10/25G SFP and 6 QSFP10032-Port 100G QSFP and 2 SFP+64-Port QSFP+ and
2 SFP+
64-Port 100G QSFP and
2 SFP+
64-Port 100G QSFP and 2 SFP+
Maximum 100G Ports32632-6464
Maximum 40G Ports32632646464
Maximum 10G Ports130721302258130
Maximum 25G Ports12872128-256128
Maximum 50G Ports641264-128128
SFP Ports2482222
L2/L3 Throughput6.4 Tbps3.6 Tbps6.4 Tbps5.12 Tbps12.8 Tbps12.8 Tbps
L2/3 PPS3.3 Bpps2.7 Bpps3.3 Bpps3.3 Bpps9.52 Bpps4.2 Bpps
Latency450ns450ns450ns550ns550 to 1500ns450ns
Typical Power Draw220W240W220W315W1672W340W
AC and DCYesYesYesFutureFutureYes
Total System Buffer22MB22MB16MB16MB64MB42MB
Smart System UpgradeYesYesYesYesYesYes
VM TracerYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hitless Speed ChangesYesYesYesNAYesYes
AirflowF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R or R/F

Arista 7050X Series

The Arista 7050X Series are a range of 1 and 2RU purpose built 10/40GbE switches with wire speed layer 2/3/4 performance combined with low latency and advanced features for software driven cloud networking, big data, cloud, virtualized and traditional deployments. The 7050X Series provide flexible options for scalable two-tier network designs and incorporate traffic control, monitoring and provisioning features that support ease of use.

7050 SeriesArista 7050QX-32SArista 7050TX-48Arista 7050TX-64Arista 7050TX-72QArista 7050SX-64Arista 7050SX-72QArista 7050SX-128
Model Name7050QX7050TX7050SX
Model Name Suffix32S486472Q6472Q128
Rack Units1111112
10GBASE-T Ports-324848---
SFP+ Ports4---484896
QSFP+ Ports32446468
Max 10GbE Interfaces96486472647296
Max 40GbE Interfaces32446468
Typical Power150W305W315W349W140W144W235W
AC and DC PowerYes
AirflowF-R / R-F
Optional SSDYes
Smart System UpgradeYes

7050 SeriesArista 7050QX2-32SArista 7050TX2-128Arista 7050SX2-72QArista 7050SX2-128Arista 7050CX3-32SArista 7050SX3-48YC12
Model Name7050QX2-32S7050TX2-1287050SX2-72Q7050SX2-1287050CX3-32S7050SX3-48YC12
Rack Units121211
SFP+ Ports4-4896--
QSFP+ Ports32868--
SFP Ports----248
QSFP Ports----3212
10GBASE-T Ports-96--
Max 10GbE Interfaces9696729612896
Max 25GbE Interfaces----12896
Max 40GbE Interfaces328683212
Max 50GbE Interfaces----6424
Max 100GbE Interfaces----3212
Typical Power129W485W127W214W206W179W
AC and DC PowerYesFutureYesYesYesYes
AirflowF-R / R-FF-R or R-FF-R only
Optional SSDYesN.a.N.a.
Smart System UpgradeYes

Arista 7020R & 7010 Series

The Arista 7020R and 7010 family of Ethernet switches combine a compact form factor, low power and cooling with performance, scalability, availability and operational ease to meet the demands of today’s higher performance enterprises.

7020R / 7010 SeriesArista 7020TR-48Arista 7020TRA-48Arista 7010T-48
Model Name7020TR-487020TRA-487010T-48
Description48-Port RJ45 and 6-Port SFP+ switch48-Port RJ45 and 6-Port SFP+ switch48-Port RJ45 and 4-Port SFP+ switch
Form Factor1 RU1 RU1 RU
Switching Throughput216 Gbps216 Gbps176 Gbps
Max Forwarding Rate162 Mpps162 Mpps132 Mpps
LatencyUnder 3.8 µsUnder 3.8 µsUnder 3 µs
System Buffer3GB3GB4MB shared
MAC Table SizeUp to 256KUp to 256KUp to 84K
Maximum IPv4 HostsUp to 64KUp to 64KUp to 84K
Maximum IPv6 HostsUp to 64KUp to 64KUp to 42K
IPv4/IPv6 Routes32K/16K32K/16K16K/8K
IPv4/IPv6 FlexRoute200K/100K200K/100KN.a.
ECMP Fanout128-Way128-WayN.a.
LAG Members32 Ports / Channel32 Ports / ChannelN.a.
LAG Groups54 groups per system54 groups per systemN.a.
ACL EntriesN.a.12KN.a.
Power Supplies2 (1+1 Redundant)2 (1+1 Redundant)2 (1+1 Redundant)
AC and DCYesYesN.a.
Fans4 hot swappable4 hot swappable2hot swappable (1+1 redundant)
AirflowF/R or R/FF/R or R/FF/R & R/F
Smart System Upgrade*YesYesN.a.
VM TracersYesYesN.a.
Hitless Speed ChangesYesYesN.a.
Typical Power105W115W52W (1W/port)

Arista Cables and Transceiver

Arista Tranceivers

The Arista Optical Modules and Cables offer customers a wide variety of high-density and low-power 100 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit, 25 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 1 Gigabit, and 100 Megabit Ethernet connectivity options over fiber or copper media.

Transceiver & ConnectorTypeMedia/Reach
10/100/1000 RJ45TypeMedia/Reach
7050T, 7050TX, 7010TCat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7100m
1GbE SFPTypeMedia/Reach
All SFP/SFP+ Ports1000BASE-SX50µ MMF / 550m
1000BASE-LX9µ SMF / 10km
1000BASE-TCat5e / 100m
10GBASE-T RJ45TypeMedia/Reach
All 10GBASE-T PortsCat5e/6 U/UTP55m
Cat6/6A F/UTP100m
Cat7 S/FTP100m
10G Optical SFP+TypeMedia/Reach
All SFP/SFP+ Ports10GBASE-SRL50µ MMF / 100m
10GBASE-SR50µ MMF / 300m
10GBASE-LRL9µ SMF / 1km
10GBASE-LR9µ SMF / 10km
10GBASE-ER9µ SMF / 40km
10GBASE-ZR9µ SMF / 80km
10GBASE-DWDM (40 Wavelengths)9µ SMF / 80km
10GBASE-DWDM (Tunable)9µ SMF / 80km
10GBASE-AOCPre-terminated in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30m lengths
10G Copper SFP+TypeMedia/Reach
All SFP/SFP+ Ports10GBASE-CR Twinax / CX1 / 'Direct Attach'Pre-terminated in 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m 3m, 5m lengths
25G Optics SFPTypeMedia/Reach
All 25G SFP Ports25GBASE-SR50µ MMF / 70m
25GBASE-LR9µ SMF / 10km
25GBASE-AOCPre-terminated in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30m lengths
25G Copper SFPTypeMedia/Reach
All 25G SFP Ports25GBASE-CR Twinax / 'Direct Attach'Pre-terminated in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m lengths
40G Optical QSFPTypeMedia/Reach
All QSFP+ Ports40GBASE-SR450µ MMF / 100m
40GBASE-XSR450µ MMF / 300m
Operates as 1 x 40G with MTP-MTP OM3 MMF or 4 x 10G with 'octopus' MTP-4xLC OM3 MMF patch cable
40GBASE-BIDI50µ MMF / 100m
40GBASE-UNIV50µ MMF / 150m, 9µ SMF / 500m
40GBASE-LR49µ SMF / 10km
40GBASE-LRL49µ SMF / 1km
40GBASE-PLR49µ SMF / 10km
40GBASE-ER49µ SMF/40km
40GBASE-AOCPre-Terminated 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,50, 75, 100m lengths
40G Copper QSFPTypeMedia/Reach
All QSFP+ Ports40GBASE-CR4 Twinax / 'Direct Attach' 40G to 40GPre-terminated in 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m lengths
40GBASE-CR4 to 4 x 10G-CX1 40G to 10GPre-terminated in 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m lengths
100G Optical QSFPTypeMedia/Reach
All QSFP100 Ports100GBASE-AOCPre-Terminated 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30m lengths
100GBASE-SR450µ MMF / 70m
100GBASE-SWDM450µ MMF / 70m
100GBASE-PSM49µ SMF / 500m
100GBASE-CWDM49µ SMF / 2km
100GBASE-LR49µ SMF / 10km
100GBASE-LRL49µ SMF / 2km
100GBASE-ERL49µ SMF / 40km
100G Copper QSFPTypeMedia/Reach
All QSFP100 Ports100GBASE-CR4 Twinax/Direct Attach 100G to 100GPre-terminated in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m lengths
100GBASE-CR4 to 4 x 25G-CR 100G to 25GPre-terminated in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m lengths
100G Optical CFP2TypeMedia/Reach
All CFP2 Ports100GBASE-XSR1050µ MMF/300m
100GBASE-LR49µ SMF/10km
100GBASE-ER49µ SMF/40km