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INFINIDAT Multi-Petabyte Enterprise High Performance Storage

INFINIDAT Enterprise Storage Solution

Unique and patented memory architecture

Hybrid storage (RAM + SSD + HDD) with "Faster Than Flash" performance and patented storage architecture with over 1 million IOPS and less than a millisecond latency. Grow on demand enterprise storage with 99.99999% SLA guaranteed availability. Installed in a single 42U rack (4.1 PB net per system) with multi-petabyte capacity and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The considerable performance, which is faster than the All-Flash-Array, is mainly realized by the software. Worldwide use is already estimated at about 4+ Exabyte, including installations in Germany. The very simple configuration, the low cost and the unbeatable price / performance ratio compared to VMAX, HUS, etc. make this storage solution even more interesting for medium and large companies. Hamburgnet is Tier 1 Infinidat partner

Performance benefits:

  • High availability and reliability thanks to the innovative RAS architecture and the InfiniRAID® Dual-Parity-Data layout in the multi-petabyte range. Data preservation through proactive data integrity analysis as well as fast, self-healing [KA1] media recoveries.
  • Multi-Petabyte scale with multi-petabyte capacity (up to 8.3PB), can be managed in a single 42U standard rack to solve data center storage limitations. With inline compression, thin provisioning and deduplication, maximum effective capacity can be achieved up to 20x better utilization.
  • Simple and user-friendly management enables effortless storage management and integration in your environment. Thanks to the intuitive HTML5-based user interface, complex tasks such as setting up replications, provisioning volumes or creating quality-of-service guidelines can be performed with just a few mouse clicks. The InfiniBox software, which is based on over 80 granted software patents, represents the true meaning of software-defined storage (SDS).
  • For Multi-tenant environments Designed and developed to centralize all users and business critical data on a single, scalable system. With flexible Quality of Service capabilities and real-time monitoring, users can support the most demanding multi-workload SLOs.

InfiniBox Hardware architecture

Die InfiniBox® is a flash-optimized array consisting of a combination of DRAM, flash media (SSD), and high-capacity NL-SAS hard disks for reading and writing data. The self-learning algorithm called "Neural Cache" optimizes data placement. The InfiniBox & reg; As a software-defined storage system, it uses the COTS hardware, which in turn is supported by software to make this hardware more reliable, cheaper, and easier to manage. All components have at least a triple redundancy - two "spare wheels", which are realized using the N + 2 design principle and which guarantees the necessary availability and reliability.

The InfiniBox system is delivered pre-assembled in a rack as shown in the following picture. The memory controllers in the InfiniBox represent the three nodes of the system. These work completely redundantly in an Active Active Active cluster, allowing I / Os to flow smoothly through all three nodes. To enable fast replication between the nodes with the least possible latency, they are directly connected to the fast InfiniBand for direct memory access via RDMA. If a node failure occurs, the other two corps take responsibility and treatment. Again, a portion of the write cache that is no longer replicating is synchronized to resume full backup and maintain uninterrupted operation. Another advantage of the N + 2 Node architecture is the maintenance of a given node because the system has two Active-Active nodes that execute and protect the data.

All nodes are powered by different Battery Backup Units (BBUs) and have redundant power supplies, while the BBUs are powered by multiple power inputs to provide a permanent power supply.

Infinidat InfiniBox 42HE Rack