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Cumulus Linux is a Linux based operating system for network switches (DELL, HP, Nvidia, Edgecore and various Whitebox switches) with a comprehensive feature set. Easy setup and management with standard DevOps tools.

The open network operating system is considered a unique solution that allows you to build your network cost-effectively and operate efficiently. Just as the largest operators of Cloud & Data Centers around the world use it. It's designed for easy scalability, automation and flexibility.

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Benefit from the Hamburgnet skills in Linux, Network and High Performance environments. We help you with your network design as well as getting it into production.

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Benefits of Cumulus Linux

  • 70+ Hardware Platforms: Choose the compatible hardware that meets your needs and budget.
  • Fast IT delivery with native integration and world-class tools for automation, monitoring, analysis and more.
  • Network Security with industry-standard security features and extra precautions, exclusive.
  • Flexieble open architecture that lets your network seamlessly scale and customize.
  • Reduced CapEx by reducing the cost of acquiring open chats and optics.
  • Reduced OpEx by leveraging existing talent and assigning additional switches per engineer.
  • Designed for automation so networks are consistent and repeatable.
  • Full Standardization: With Linux across the data center, reduce complexity and maintain full interoperability.

What you get with Cumulus Linux

  • Countless OSPF: Build configurations faster because they no longer depend on unique IP addresses, which simplifies automation.
  • Countless BGP: Automation is made even easier with this simplified IP approach. All you need is an IP template for leaf nodes and one for the inner nodes.
  • Redistribute Neighbors: Get VM and Host mobility by connecting your server to any RDNBR switch so that it recognizes L3 on the fabric. If you need to move the server, no reconfiguration is required.
  • Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM) Efficiently switch from the whiteboard to the physical cable. With PTM, you can program your data center to check connections and resolve issues faster.
  • Virtual Routing and Redirects Run multiple network paths without the need for multiple switches. This will give you traffic isolation and network segmentation across multiple devices.
  • Lightweight Network Virtualization (LNV) Accelerate VXLAN deployments with a controllerless solution.
  • Virtual Private Ethernet (EVPN) Networks You are with this advanced, standards-based, interoperable technology that runs legacy Layer 2 applications over Layer 3 next-generation networks freed from L2 complexities.
  • Network Command-Line Utility (NCLU) Take advantage of the comprehensive and simple shell for easy network configuration and operation.

Cumulus Linux architecture

The following illustration and video summarizes the spirit and the philosophy of Cumulus Linux architecture.

The architecture of Cumulus Linux