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Our consulting services

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Your company or your current project requires maximum performance of your IT infrastructure? Technologically we are always up to date and follow the latest advances in the field of IT hardware with great interest. We offer solutions tailored to your needs. The foundation for this consists of proven technologies, years of experience with HPC systems and the latest know-how in supercomputing, compute clusters, parallel file systems, cluster interconnects and much more ... We are happy to assist you with your HPC project.

Fast & Scalable Network Systems

If you want to set up a really fast network and use the complete power, you have to pay attention to the right network hardware and the right network design right from the start. In addition, to avoid performance bottlenecks in data transmission, all other parameters must also be coordinated: We make your network fast, scalable and fully automated. From the modern Layer-3 design to the redundant integration of legacy systems via Layer-2, we will show you all the possibilities.

High Availability (HA)

The availability of IT systems and services are indispensable for the smooth running of your business processes? 99.99999% availability is considered state of the art. We help you to achieve the necessary availability with our HA solutions.

Storage Solutions

The storage systems are often one of the most important components in the IT infrastructure. Comparable to the human heart. We like to go new ways to provide maximum reliability, performance, scalability and automation.

Low Latency

Your success thrives on low latency? We always find a way to save you a few milliseconds, microseconds or nanoseconds.


We have many years of experience in virtual environments. Safe, fast, effective and, of course, energy efficient. With our virtualization service, we help you get the most out of your IT resources.

Container & Cloud Environments

You want to build a private or public cloud environment or have to provide services hybrid? We are on hand with help and advice.

Individual Solutions

We advise companies, public institutions and research institutes. At Hamburgnet you will always be treated preferentially and advised to the best of our knowledge and belief. We see ourselves as partners at eye level. Ask us, we certainly have the right solution for you.

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