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It has been on everyone's lips for years and keeps getting going. The cloud accompanies us in our everyday life. The fact that the cloud means far more than AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform is becoming more and more important. As a company, today's challenge is to get the most out of the local, private or on-premise cloud in combination with public cloud services. We provide solutions that enable you to run your own scalable cloud environment and seamlessly move workloads between private and public clouds. We do not lose sight of the aspect of high performance. We help you solve your needs for maximum speed and minimum latency.

Nvidia InfiniBand

InfiniBand is the classic low latency interconnect in the high performance computing environment. Currently with 200Gbit/s HDR InfiniBand. Fabrics with up to several thousand nodes are possible. We support you with your high performance projects.

  • RDMA Fabric
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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

  • Automatic migration between local and public cloud
  • Integration with Cumulus Networks
  • Integration with veeam Backup & Replication
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

Sardina FishOS

Anyone can build a scalable cloud today based on freely available open source tools. It's all just a question of the technical resources that need to be provided. The challenges, however, can indeed be very great, both in the development phase and in the operational environment.
With Sardina FishOS, we provide you with a turnkey solution that enables you to deploy quickly and operate simply.

  • Private / Public Cloud out of the box
  • Simple Setup
  • Simple Operational Operation with Small Manpower
  • Health Management
  • Scalability
  • Fully automated
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