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Nutanix - Enterprise Cloud Solution

Hyperconverged infrastructure for your multi-cloud environment

Scalable HCI and multi cloud solution

Nutanix combines web-scale technology with user-friendly design to create a next-generation business cloud platform. Computing, virtualization and storage are integrated into a single solution that replaces standalone servers, storage systems and virtualization products. Web-Scale architecture distributes all administrative and data services and is designed to deliver a fast, scalable, and efficient distributed system.

Why Nutanix OS?

The hyperconverged infrastructure

Build and run powerful multi-cloud architectures using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, which combines private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and which cam managed centered IT infrastructures and applications of any size. Built on HCI technology (hyperconverged infrastructure), this 100% software-based solution provides a complete infrastructure stack that includes virtualization, storage, computing, networking and security merges to run almost any application - no matter what size. The software works on different cloud environments, harmonizes the IT processes and guarantees a smooth mobility for all applications.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Management
Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure

Benifits of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Simplicity and agility of a popular public cloud service and security and control of a private cloud

Full Cloud Stack brings together all the storage, computing and virtualization resources in an IT infrastructure to run any application.

One-Click Simplicity eliminates the need for specialized IT teams through consumer-led management.

Deliver applications quickly in record time. Run business applications or new workloads with little wait.

Application Management Automation helps provide frequent IT tasks and on-demand IT services.

Reduce TCO by up to 60% with a payback period of just 7 months.

Hybrid CloudCombining public and private cloud operations with unified management of the IT infrastructure and applications.

For Any Workload, be it virtualized, containerized or hardware based. Improved operational efficiency through integrated services, including native file services, integrated application marketplace, block storage capabilities and more.

Freedom to choose the best possible technology for their purposes (without vendor lock-in). It supports all popular hypervisors, hybrid clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, as well as any and all preferred hardware platforms.

In addition, Nutanix Private Cloud solution combines all the public cloud benefits, so that the sovereignty over all data remains. In addition, high investment costs can be converted into operating costs and adjusted to actual needs. This allows companies to continue to grow flexibly and to scale their infrastructure as they wish.

How Nutanix works