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Low Latency Hardware Building Blocks

The application areas for low latency solutions are manifold. In High Frequency Exchange Trading, the one with the shortest transaction time wins. Machine learning requires millions of records to be processed in parallel, requiring a low-latent network and an enormously fast storage system. We are intensively observing the low latency market and certainly have a suitable solution for your latency requirements.


Nvidia produces its own ASICs, network cards, cables and optical transceivers. This allows for low latency at an unprecedented level. The Remote Direct Memory Technology (RDMA) is now standard by even the greats such as Microsoft and VMware used. With Nvidia and RDMA, latencies in the nanosecond range have become possible.

Nvidia Ethernet products

excelero NVmesh

Storage latency in the lower microsecond range and data transfer rates of several hundred gigabytes per second. Excelero's scalable Scaleout NVMe solution transforms your standard NVMe storage servers into a high-end storage solution.

Scaleout NVMe Storage


Individual building blocks for your low latency server and storage requirements. The hyper-speed solutions with overclocked CPUs bring you the maximum CPU performance and a minimum of latency. The NVMe storage servers offer a wide range of low latency storage options.

Supermicro Server


Low latency and high performance requirements are also available in the enterprise environment. Infinidat has created an intelligent storage algorithm for a hybrid storage system of RAM and HDD. The result is a system that not only outshines all of the all-flash arrays, but also tops the list of highly available storage solutions.

Infinidat Hardware solutions


For those who do not want to drive RDMA and need a minimum of latency, Solarflare has the right solution with its Open-Onload network cards.

Solarflare Ethernet NIC Adapters


Arista is, so to speak, the inventor of Low Latency Ethernet Switches. The manufacturer offers a selection of unique features. Manage 4 million BGP routes in the switch? No problem. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Support? Check!

Arista Ethernet Switches

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