About Us

The people behind the company

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality advice in all project phases - from the analysis, through the conception to implementation and support. Our young and dedicated team of specialists provide trained and certified expertise and guarantees competence, innovation and creativity and excellent quality in all areas. More than 12 years of successful cooperation with our customers have built up a wealth of experience that will benefit you.

For you to see with whom you are dealing with, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Elena Gebauer
Sales Director

The church has the pope, Hamburgnet has Elena. Always organized, always structured and the only one to keep track, she is the mom of the company. Elena pushes us when the time comes, she curbs us when we shoot past the finish and has an open ear for everything and everyone. If Elena were the queen of an anthill, she would have arranged a union, a canteen, and a hiking day for her 1.8 million workers within 5 minutes.

Sebastian Schmitzdorff
CEO & Founder

He is THE IT-Crack! Competent, experienced, versatile and he is home in every area of the digital world. That's why he's also our chief, our supervisor and boss. But you do not notice much of it. Why? First of all, because he uses phrases like „please“ and „thank you“. But also because he has a (for bosses rather uncommon) extremely pronounced social streak. One might really like him - if he wouldn't let us look so old at kicker.

Rüdiger Brost
Account Manager

Good to have someone like him. Not only because he is a volunteer firefighter and knows how to extinguish everything that burns, but because he is a more than competent account manager through his years of professional and industry experience. He also keeps us in a good mood every day with his consistently positive nature. And as true gourmet, ensures that we do not always whistle for burgers and fries for lunch. „Tatüütata, der Rüdiger ist da!”

Niklas Paul
Junior Systemadministrator

Do you know the saying „apprenticeship years are not men's years“? One doesn't know this phrase for sure. Our system administrator Niklas. Because he was always the master of the situation in every year of his training! Technically-minded, inquisitive, helpful and on top of that, also capable of criticism - that's what every company desires their trainees. A good thing he wasn't wooed away by NASA after the end of the training and now he takes a closer look on our technology at Hamburgnet …

Johannes Knöbel
Marketing & Logistics Manager

Before Hamburgnet he was at MI6. However, we do not know exactly what he did there. Some secret things probably and by the way trained James Bond personally. Whenever we ask him about it, he says, „I can not talk about it, otherwise I have to eliminate you“. Currently, Johannes looks after all marketing matters at Hamburgnet - without a tuxedo and martini, but with a great commitment. And everyone who is nice to him, may call him 'Jonny'.

Daniel Schäfer

If Daniel were a Pilot, he would fly jets. Only the fastest. And only the really colorful. But Daniel is not. Daniel is our graphic ace. And he's the Usain Bolt among the programmers. His motto: Won't work, doesn't exist. His maxim: In serenity lies the speed. All the more surprising is that he always remains factual and constructive. In short, Daniel is the world's fastest resting pole and we love Him for that.

Björn Banow
IT-System Merchant/Management

Hamburgnet's current trainee and on top of that a quick-witted Ostfriese. In addition to English, French and Low German, he speaks another four hundred and twenty languages, including Quechua, fluently. For complicated calculations he does not need a computer but only two seconds rest and a piece of chocolate. And if that is not enough, know that our Björn is able to create customer offers only with the power of his thoughts - while executing orders and phoning. Yes, everyone would like to have such a Björn, but only we have him!