Juniper Networks


Juniper's cloud-ready Ethernet switches provide the high-density, high-performance platforms required to set up innovative datacenter fabrics scalable to thousands of ports. Profit from better network economics for your data center, campus, or branch office.

EX Series

This EX Series is designed for enterprise converged branch offices, campus networks, data centers, and service providers. They meet the growing demands of today's businesses for high availability, encryption and virtualization.


1 GbE-Multi-Gigabit Access Switch

Compact, cost-effective, high-density switch for small network environments with limited space and power consumption.

Juniper Switch EX2300 24/48 Ports
  • Technical specifications: EX2300
Model variants:EX2300-24T/24P/24MP/48T/48P/48MP
GbE ports per system28x (24x host + 4x SFP/SFP+ uplinks) EX2300-24P/24T/24MP
52x (48x host + 4x SFP/SFP+ uplinks) EX2300-48P/48T
54x (48x host + 6x SFP/SFP+ uplinks) EX2300-48MP
Suported Optics:10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 connector
GbE SFP RJ-45 optic/connector or LC SFP/SX,LX,LH
Packet switching capacity (Max. 64-Byte):128 Gbps EX2300-24P/24T/24MP
176 Gbps EX2300-48P/48T/48MP


1 GbE-Multi-Gigabit Access Switch

Cost-effective access switches with the power, flexibility and ease of management previously only available on high-performance platforms.

Juniper Switch EX3400 24/48 Ports
  • Technical specifications: EX3400
Model variants:EX3400-24T/24P/24T-DC /48T/48P/48-AFI
GbE ports per system30x (24x host + 4x 1/10 GbE & 2x 40 GbE) EX3400-24T/24P/24T-DC
54x (48x host + 4x 1/10 GbE & 2x 40 GbE) EX3400-48T/48P/48-AFI
Packet switching capacity (Max. 64-Byte):288 Gbps EX3400-24P/24T/24T-DC
336 Gbps EX3400-48T/48P/48-AFI
Layer 2/3 Throughput (Max. 64-Byte):214 Gbps EX3400-24P/24T/24T-DC
250 Gbps EX3400-48T/48P/48-AFI

QFX Series

The QFX switches meet today's needs of the most demanding data center environments for businesses and service providers. The high-performance, high-density platform is designed for top-of-rack, end-of-rows, and spine-and-core aggregation environments.


GbE Access- and Leaf-Switch

The highly flexible, high-performance Juniper Networks® QFX5110 Ethernet Switch provides the foundation for today's and tomorrow's dynamic data centers.

Juniper Switch QFX5110 32/48 Ports
  • Technical specifications: QFX5110
Model variants:QFX5110-32Q/48S
GbE Ports Options96x 10GbE, 32x 40GbE, 4x 100GbE QFX5110-32Q
48x 1GbE, 48/64x 10GbE, 4x 40GbE, 4x 100GbE QFX5110-48S
Switching capacity:2.56 Tbps/1.44 Bpps QFX5110-32Q
1.76 Tbps/1.32 Bpps QFX5110-48S
Power:340W(Max), 195W(Tyisch), 250W(Idle) QFX5110-32Q
300W(Max), 195W(Tyisch), 150W(Idle) QFX5110-48S


GbE Lean Spine Switch

The Next Gen switch for lean/access configuration provides flexible, cost-effective 10/25/40/50 and 100 GbE interfaces for server and intra-fabric connections.

Juniper Switch QFX5200 32/48 Ports
  • Technical specifications: QFX5200
Model variants:QFX5200-32C/48Y
Max. GbE Ports128x 10/25GbE, 32x 40GbE, 64x 50GbE, 32x 100GbE QFX5110-32C
48x 10/25GbE, 6x 40GbE, 6x 100GbE QFX5110-48Y
Switching capacity:6.4 Tbps/2.4 Bpps QFX5110-32C
3.6 Tbps/2.1 Bpps QFX5110-48Y
Power:R.(1+1) 850 W AC/DC QFX5110-32C
R.(1+1) 650 W AC/DC QFX5110-48Y


Juniper provides a scalable and comprehensive portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks of any size. From SDG-enabled 5G routing platforms, packet-transfer routers, MEF CE 2.0-compliant metro routers, to circuit-pack platforms and core routers, it's all there.

MX Series

The MX Series includes SDN-enabled routing platforms that combine industry-leading system capacity, density and performance with unmatched longevity. MX series routers are the key to digital transformation for service providers, cloud operators, and businesses.


40 Gbit/s Router

Juniper MX5 40 Gbits Router

Compact 40 Gbit s router, software upgradable up to 160 Gbit/s. Ideal for enterprise applications as well as service provider environments with limited space and power requirements.

  • Technical specifications: MX5
Rack Units:2 HE (24 Systems per Rack)
Slots34 MIC
Max. Throughput20 Gbps
Ports:20x 1GbE
Expandable on:MX10, MX40, MX80


160 Gbit/s Router

Juniper MX104 160 Gbits Router

The versatile 160 Gbps router provides a high degree of redundancy and is optimized for mobile backhaul, metro Ethernet, aggregation and corporate WAN applications.

  • Technical specifications: MX104
Rack Units:3.5 HE (13 Systems per Rack)
Slots4x 10GbE, 31 MIC
Max. Throughput80 Gbps
Ports:80x 1GbE, 8x 10 GbE
Features:PHD, Sonet/SDH