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Ethernet Switch Systems


Storage and Hyperconverged Switch

The Mellanox’s half-width SN2010 Top-of-Rack (TOR) switch is the best switch for storage and hyperconverged networks. It is designed for 10/25GbE storage/hyperconverged server clusters with 100GbE uplink connectivity to higher-speed networks. Carrying the signature performance supremacy of Mellanox Spectrum, this 10/25GbE TOR switch provides the ideal combination of performance, rack efficiency, and flexibility to today’s software-defined storage and hyperconverged infrastructure, and presents an easy migration path to next-gen networking.

Mellanox Spectrum® 10-400 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

The Mellanox Spectrum® Ethernet switch family delivers the highest performance and port density with a complete chassis and fabric management solution enabling converged data centers to operate at any scale while reducing operational costs and infrastructure complexity. This family includes a broad portfolio of Top-of-Rack (TOR) switches that range from 12 to 128 ports, with Ethernet data rates of 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE, 100GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE per port. These switches allow the building of cost-effective and scalable switch fabrics, from a few nodes to tens-of-thousands of nodes. Spectrum switches are ideal to build high performance, cost-effective and efficient Cloud Data Center Networks, Ethernet Storage Fabric, and Deep Learning Interconnects.

4000 Series
Mellanox SN4800Mellanox SN4800Mellanox SN4800
Model NameSN4600SN4700SN4800
400GbE Ports-3232
200GbE Ports646464
100GbE Ports128128128
50GbE Ports128128128
40GbE Ports6464128
25GbE Ports128128128
10GbE Ports128128128
1GbE Ports128128128
Wire Speed Switching8.4Bpps8.4Bpps8.4Bpps
Switching Kapazität25.6Tb/s25.6Tb/s25.6Tb/s
System Memory16MB16MB-
SSD Memory64GB64GB128GB
Packet Buffer64GB64GB64GB
Mgmt/Serial/USB Ports1/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/1
CPUQuad-core x86Quad-core x86Multi-core x86
H.S. Power Supplies2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)4 (2+2 redundant)
H.S. FansN.a.6 (N+1 redundant)8 (N+1 redundant)
3000 Series
Mellanox SN3510Mellanox SN3700Mellanox sn3700CMellanox SN3800Mellanox SN3420
Model NameSN3510SN3700SN3700CSN3800SN3420
400GbE Ports6----
200GbE Ports1232---
100GbE Ports24*64*32*64*12
50GbE Ports48+48*128*64*128*24
40GbE Ports1232326412
25GbE Ports48+48*128*128*128*48+48
10GbE Ports48+48*128*128*128*48+48
1GbE Ports48+48*128*128*-48+48
Wire Speed Switching7.16 Bpps8.33 Bpps4.76 Bpps8.33 Bpps3.58 Bpps
Switching Kapazität9.6Tb/s12.8Tb/s6.4Tb/s12.8Tb/s4.8Tb/s
System Memory8GB8GB8GB8GB8GB
SSD Memory32GB32GB32GB32GB32GB
Packet Buffer42MB42MB42MB42MB42MB
Mgmt/Serial/USB Ports1/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/1
H.S. Power Supplies2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)
H.S. Fans6 (N+1 redundant)6 (N+1 redundant)4 (N+1 redundant)3 (N+1 redundant)6 (N+1 redundant)
2000 Series
Mellanox SN2010Mellanox SN2100Mellanox SN2700/ SN2740Mellanox SN2410
Model NameSN2010SN2100SN2700 / SN2740SN2410
100GbE Ports416328
40GbE Ports416328
25GbE Ports34*64*64*64*
10GbE Ports34*64*64*64*
Wire Speed Switching2.52 Bpps4.76 Bpps9.52 Bpps5.96 Bpps
Switching Kapazität1.7Tb/s3.2Tb/s6.4Tb/s4Tb/s
System Memory8GB8GB8GB8GB
SSD Memory16GB16GB32GB32GB
Packet Buffer16MB16MB16MB16MB
Performance9:8 blockingNon-blockingNon-blocking3:2 blocking
Mgmt/Serial/USB Ports1/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/11/1 RJ45/1 Mini1/1 RJ45/1 Mini
H.S. Power SuppliesNoNo2 (1+1 redundant)2 (1+1 redundant)
H.S. FansNoNo4 (N+1 redundant)4 (N+1 redundant)
Power57 W94.3 W150 W165 W
Mellanox SX1012 / SX1012XMellanox SX1012 / SX1012XMellanox AS4610Mellanox AS5812
Model NameSX1012SX1012XAS4610AS5812
40GbE Ports12--6
25GbE Ports----
10GbE Ports48*1244+48
1GbE Ports--4848
Switching Kapazität672Gb/s240Gb/s3.2Tb/s6.4Tb/s
FRUsNoNoNoPS and fans
PSU RedundancyYesYesYesYes
Fan RedundancyYesYesYesYes
Power49.9 W49.9 W94.3 W150 W
Wire Speed Switching1.00 Bpps1.00 Bpps4.76 Bpps9.52 Bpps
*These ports are supported with Split cable.
For detailed information on features, compliance, and compatibility, please see each product’s specific product brief.

The benefits

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
  • Efficiency
  • Easy Scale:
    • Modern automation solutions
    • NEO can maintain from 1 to 1000s nodes and switches
    • Configure and manage the data center from a single location
  • Unprecedented Performance:
    • Improved Storage and server application performance
    • Line rate performance on all ports at any speed
  • Elasticity:
    • Advanced programmability attributes
    • Low latency on any node
  • Arranged and Organized Data Center:
    • Higher density ports speeds means 4x less cables
    • Supports speeds of 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400GbE
    • Easy deployment
    • Easy maintenance
  • Running Mellanox Onyx, Cumulus Linux, SONiC and native Linux
    • Alternative operating systems over ONIE

Ethernet Network Adapters

Mellanox Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) provide the highest data center performance for hyperscale, public and private clouds, storage, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and telco platforms. Gigabit Ethernet NICs provide industry-leading connectivity for power-managed server and storage applications. ConnectX enables high bandwidth combined with extremely low latency for various applications and systems. This leads to faster access and real-time responses.

ConnectX-5 EN Adapter Cards ConnectX 5 EN

ConnectX-5 EN supports two ports of 100Gb Ethernet connectivity, while delivering low sub-600ns latency, extremely high message rates, PCIe switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads. ConnectX-5 providing the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding applications and markets: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and more.

ConnectX-5 EN
Mellanox MCX515A-CCATMellanox MCX516A-CCATMellanox MCX516A-CDATMellanox MCX516A-GCATMellanox MCX512A-ACAT
ASIC & PCI Dev IDConnectX®-5
PCIPCIe3.0PCIe3.0PCIe 3.0/4.0PCIe3.02x PCIe3.0
Brackettall bracket*
Dimensions14.2cm x 6.9cm (Low Profile)

ConnectX-4 EN Adapter Cards ConnectX 4 EN

ConnectX®-4 EN network controller with 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, provide the highest performance and most flexible solution for high performance, Web 2.0, Cloud, data analytics, database, and storage platforms, enabling today’s corporations to meet the demands of the data explosion.

ConnectX-4 ENMellanox MCX413A-BCATMellanox MCX414A-BCATMellanox MCX415A-BCATMellanox MCX416A-BCATMellanox MCX413A-GCAT
ASIC & PCI Dev IDConnectX®-4
Brackettall bracket*
Dimensions14.2cm x 6.9cm (Low Profile)

ConnectX-4 Lx Adapter Cards ConnectX 4 Lx

ConnectX-4 Lx EN Network Controller with 1/10/25/40/50Gb/s Ethernet connectivity addresses virtualized infrastructure challenges, delivering best-in-class and highest performance to various demanding markets and applications. Providing true hardware-based I/O isolation with unmatched scalability and efficiency, achieving the most cost-effective and flexible solution for Web 2.0, Cloud, data analytics, database, and storage platforms.

ConnectX-4 Lx EN Mellanox MCX4111A-XCATMellanox MCX4121A-XCATMellanox MCX4111A-ACATMellanox MCX4121A-ACATMellanox MCX4131A-BCATMellanox MCX4131A-GCAT
ASIC & PCI Dev IDConnectX-4 Lx EN
Brackettall bracket*
Dimensions14.2cm x 6.9cm (Low Profile)

ConnectX-3 Pro EN Adapter Cards ConnectX Pro EN

ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards with 10/40/56 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with hardware offload engines to Overlay Networks (“Tunneling”), provide the highest performing and most flexible interconnect solution for PCI Express Gen3 servers used in public and private clouds, enterprise data centers, and high performance computing.

ConnectX-3 EN (Pro)Mellanox MCX311A-XCCTMellanox MCX312B-XCCTMellanox MCX312C-XCCTMellanox MCX313A-BCCTMellanox MCX314A-BCCT
ASIC & PCI Dev IDConnectX-3® PRO
Brackettall bracket*
Dimensions14.2cm x 5.3cm14.2cm x 5.3cm14.2cm x 6.9cm14.2cm x 5.3cm14.2cm x 6.9cm
* All tall-bracket adapters are shipped with the tall bracket mounted and a short bracket as an accessory.
All card types listed use RoHS

Why Mellanox Ethernet Netzwerk adapters?

The benefits

  • Industry-leading throughput and latency performance
  • Enabling I/O consolidation by supporting TCP/IP and RDMA over Ethernet transport protocols on a single adapter
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Supports industry-standard SR-IO Virtualization technology and delivers VM protection and granular levels of I/O services to applications
  • High-availability and high-performance for data center networking
  • Software compatible with standard TCP/UDP/IP and iSCSI stacks
  • High level silicon integration and no external memory design provides low power, low cost and high reliability

Target Applications

    • Web 2.0 data centers and cloud computing
    • Low latency financial services
    • Storage
    • Data center virtualization
    • I/O consolidation (single unified wire for networking, storage and clustering)
    • Video streaming
    • Enterprise data center applications
    • Accelerating back-up and restore operations