For a few days the blue boxes of the Charity Organization Viva con Agua have been in our office.

Each liter purchased helps over 2.5 billion people in developing countries gain access to fresh drinking water and basic sanitation. The idea came about in 2005 after a training camp of the Hamburg football club FC St. Pauli in Cuba. Water projects are taking place in Ethiopia, India, Nepal and Uganda.

The money comes from the sale of their own water brand, from charity runs or even from direct donations. Stars like Marteria advertise songs for the good cause or games, such as Elton, Bossse or Johannes Oerding in the fundraising game under the slogan “Fight, graze, score goals for clean drinking water in Uganda.” To date (as of December 2013) there could be already collected over 3.5 million euros for the water projects and currently the network already consists of more than 6,000 active, voluntary supporters, with whom we now fight together for a goal: “Watter for everyone!”

Viva con agua