Who needs RAM-based storage in the age of Flash SSDs? Applications that rely on maximum performance can not do without the speed of DRAM even today. Stock market trading and data analysis of large financial institutions is only a small part of this.

By comparison, modern enterprise flash memory has read access times of 10 - 15 microseconds and write accesses of 50 - 100 microseconds. The RAM based Kove® XPD® L3-4 storage only between 1 - 5 microseconds (read and write). In addition, data rates of 47GB/s and 53 million IOPS are achieved.

The Kove XPD storage systems currently offer up to 6TB of capacity. You are connected via FibreChannel or InfiniBand (56Gbit/s FDR IB).

With the products of the sympathetic company Kove from the Hamburg twin city Chicago, we now offer a technology that meets even the highest demands.

If you have questions about the topic, we are happy to help and advise.