From now on there is a Fusion-io’s new enterprise flash solution for large customers. ioScale is available in sizes from 410GB to 3.2TB as a low profile pci-express gen 2 card.

Fusion-io ioScale 1.6TB|.img-responsive

The cards use a cheap FPGA instead of the typically built-in ASICS (which use the ioDrives, for example).

Performance values:

Fusion-io ioScale Perofrmance

The price should be about $3.89 for each GB. This makes it an extremely affordable as an enterprise flash solution. There is also a downer, however. Unfortunately, the minimum order quantity for Fusion-io is still 100 pcs. So that only currently Apple, Facebook and Co. can benefit from the offer at the moment.

Fusion-io ioScale

Update: 2013-02-21 We will get ioScale demo hardware from Fusion-io in early March and will be testing the card extensively. The results are published here.

Update: 2013-03-01 We now have the demo card here. It should be noted that the ioScale 3.2TB card comes as a full height version.

The full test you can read in our Fusion ioSclae test Artikel.