2019, is the year were companies should turn to the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) topic - the technology for unified, software-based control of a virtualized data center. On 09.05.2019 from 13:30 at Hamburgnet you will get to know everything about this hot and exciting topic!

For this we welcome the following manufacturers

  • Nutanix (Hyperconvergen Infrastructure)
  • Silver-Peak (Self Driving WAN Lösungen)
  • Mellanox Technologies (End-to-End Ethernet)
  • Quobyte (Software Defined Storage)
  • Cumulus (Software Defined Networking)
  • Sardina Systems (Automated OpenStack & Kubernetes cloud technology)
  • Avi Networks (Multi-Cloud Application Delivery Services)

who will give informative lectures on modern processes and products. The technical part of our event will consist of several lectures:

The vision of Software Defined Data Center.

The world’s most advanced data centers rely on Nutanix to run their mission-critical applications and services with One OS, One Click. Learn how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform simplifies infrastructure management so you can focus on delivering value and innovation.

Cumulus Networks is at the forefront of software-defined networking. Find out what advantages this SDN solution can offer you. Open Networking & Linux for SDN. Implementation example: EVPN-VXLAN (vendor-neutral, multi-client capable and ideal for automation / SDN).

WAN Infrastructures have gained significant momentum and complexity since deploying cloud services and SaaS. How to keep pace administratively through the use of “machine-learning” explains Christian Scherf - Sales Director at Silver-Peak Systems.

Mellanox Technologies
Leaf and Spine Switch architectures are used in the cloud. Open systems with telemetry and high demands on the hardware are needed. Mellanox has the Spectrum Switch suitable solutions for networks of all sizes. The open architecture allows SDN operating system like CUMULUS to be used on the switches.

Quobyte is an all-round software storage system that handles data-intensive workloads such as HPC, machine learning, and post-production. Quobyte delivers high-performance memory and low latencies - whether it’s hard disk, SSD or NVMe. The distributed systems technology used guarantees a reliable, scalable and fail-safe storage system. Unique feature is a drastically reduced maintenance effort for storage admins.

Sardina Systems – FishOS
Set up a scalable, highly available private cloud within 2 hours and operate it with low manpower? Sardina Systems makes the installation and operation of an OpenStack Cloud and Docker / Kubernetes environments the easiest task in the world.

Avi Networks
Avi Networks helps companies deliver application delivery services for multi-cloud environments, including software load balancing, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) and Universal Service Mesh, to deliver applications consistently in multi-cloud environments. The Avi Vantage Platform accelerates the deployment of multi-cloud environments and delivers applications consistent, fast, scalable and secure in these infrastructures. Users can reduce provisioning time by 90 percent with 50 percent lower TCO.

Immediately afterwards we start with the networking, the kicker tournament and the supply of Foodtruck delicacies and of course cool drinks. For food specialties in the form of delicious burgers, this time we have the team of DULF’s Burger, which are among the best in the city of Hamburg.

The event at a glance:

👉 13:30 start in the calico bleaching 18 in 22041 Hamburg
👉 18:00 Beginning of the kicker registration, the food and beverage supply
👉 Exuberant mood and delicious burgers
👉 19:00 Expected start of the kicker tournament
👉 Top-class prizes for the three best teams