StorONE - TRU Software Defined Storage - Maximum Performance

StorONE S1 - Simplicity without compromise

A storage solution that unites everything in ONE product

The S1-Software solution delivers all the improvements in today's storage technology: high performance, density and price savings at a new level, for small, medium and large businesses. This gives you a future-proof solution, lasting integrity, unlimited snapshots, and up to 1.5 million IOPS delivered in a 2U system. Compared to similar standard solutions, you benefit from lower cost and about five times faster performance, regardless of hardware or protocols, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

The 3 main advantages of S1 TRU Storage

With Less More - The Lowest CAPEX

  • Pay less than your annual maintenance contract for the lowest total cost of ownership (CAPEX and OPEX). That means 5x higher performance and capacity per RU or 80% saving on storage costs, you decide.
  • Total Resource Utilization (TRU) - extract more from the drives, e.g. 70,000 IOPS / single SSD.
  • None of the proprietary drivers need to be installed on the host, configurations are also dropped
  • Up to 1.5 million IOPS / 15 Gbps, up to 368 TB of physical capacity in a 2U AFA JBOD.
  • Up to 10PB HDD in a single enclosure.
  • Up to 500,000 IOPS / 10GBps can be deployed with a virtual machine with only two nodes.

Integrated data protection and storage

  • Unlimited snapshots and redundancy without sacrificing performance.
  • Any drive failure per volume and no RAID restrictions.
  • Powerful storage capabilities in a single solution that supports all protocols, drives, workloads, and applications.
  • Instantly backup and restore the entire dataset in seconds.
  • Privacy for each redundancy level, configurable per volume.
  • Persistent integrity enables the mere delivery of virtual machines. Consistent troubleshooting does not require any special hardware.

Unified Enterprise Storage - Easy to use with cloud-like flexibility.

  • All storage services, including data protection and retention, work without sacrificing performance or planning.
  • All storage protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS / SMB and Object) are shared on the same drives. All you need is a suitable network card (HBA or IP).
  • You can mix and match different drives to get the maximum performance and density you need for your applications.
  • It is not necessary to manage separate systems, to plan and scale per protocol.
  • You will receive FC power at the same price as the object storage.
  • S1 can be installed in less than 30 minutes on physical or virtual appliances without hardware limitations.

Technical requirements

S1 TRU STORAGE can be installed on any standard server that meets the following requirements:
  • Server requirement:
Any x86 64-bit server with minimum:
Dual Intel Xeon E5-26XX V2 or better, 8 core or more, 64GB DRAM or more
OS HDD with 64GB or more
1 Gbps for Management connection port
Any network adapter card (1/10/25/50/40/100 Gbps) for iSCSI and NAS Connections and/or...
Any fiber channel HBAs (4/8/16/32/128) for FC Connections
SAS controller with HBA/JBOD mode
Min. a high-speed Ethernet connection between the nodes (10Gb/s and preferably higher)
Single node or high availability (Active-Active, requires SAS discs)
  • Support:
Virtual Storage Appliance supports:VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM
Host-Initiator supports:Windows, Redhat Linux, Oracle Linux
Suported disk media:HDD, SSD, Management UI: Webbrowser, Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Data Protection:Erasure Coding, N=1,2,4,8,16,32 K=user-defined (limits by total N+K disks), Snapshots