Quobyte - Data Center File System

Quobyte Scale-Out Storage

Quobyte is a software that transforms standard servers into a robust and highly automated storage system. The core of the system is a parallel, distributed file system that supports all workloads, from classic file system applications in HPC, to filers and archive storage, to high-performance block storage for virtual machines and databases. Data integrity is guaranteed through end-to-end checksum, replication and erasure coding. Access to the data allows a local mountpoint for Linux, Windows, NFS, HDFS or S3. One of Quobyte's key features is scalability: starting with four nodes, it scales horizontally to datacenter size and easily handles hardware failures thanks to built-in fault tolerance.

Enterprise storage
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The Data Center File System

The benefits

  • Data is uniformly accessible via standard interfaces (NFS, HDFS, S3)
  • High performance, high availability and massively scalable
  • Policy-based data distribution for flexible partitioning, isolation and tiering
  • Monitoring and automation for easy management via web console or command line
  • High security through triple data replication and automatic self-healing
  • Native clients for Windows, Linux und MacOS
Quobyte unified storage

Linear scalability

up to several 100 PetaBytes
Linear scalability

Grow your Storage without growing your team

  • 24/7 lights-out operations
  • Maintenance, updates during working hours
  • Zero downtime
  • Self-managing
  • Self-healing
  • Split-brain safe
  • Fully automatic operations
  • Lowest TCO in class